We offer three separate classrooms for children ages 12 – 24 months. Each classroom is spacious, bright and cheerful and equipped with decor, age-appropriate toys and books to aid in the children’s development as they learn and grow.



The Toddler years are a child’s time to begin to explore and understand themselves and the world around them. At this stage, they have developed mobility and have become somewhat “verbal” and desire to test these skills at every opportunity. Our Toddler program allows children the opportunity to “learn” as they are “playing”. Each day they participate in classroom activities that stimulate their social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth in a safe and fun environment. Our Toddlers learn to solve problems, make choices, and begin to understand their emotions and their effect on others.


Our Toddler program provides another layer of the foundation of your child’s lifetime of learning which we strive to build upon each day. We invite you to come and visit the classroom and talk with the teachers. Be prepared — it may be quiet — it may be noisy — it may be neat — it may be a little messy – but FUN and LEARNING will be happening and happy Toddlers will be having a great time!!