We care for them as much as you do

learn0Welcome to Inverness Child Development Center. We appreciate your interest in our facility.

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Our staff is nurturing and caring and understand that parents and guardians need to be assured each day that while they are away, their children are receiving quality care, along with fundamental learning experiences, from our trained and loving teachers.

We promise this “comfort level” of security to both our children and their families so that they may pursue their efforts in careers, education or other activities. Children are our most precious asset and should be treated with care, respect, patience and love.

Our Approach


We understand that children develop and learn at their own pace, and they have individual interests. As we work with your child each day, we strive to offer them experiences and activities that stimulate them and making learning fun.

Active Learning


Every child’s first important developmental lesson in life is to learn to trust adults; to know they can be depended upon to provide care for them and to meet their needs. We believe that early care and learning is important to children and can help make a positive difference later in their lives.

Our School


We are committed to providing each child a safe, healthy and fun environment to look forward to each day. Children are our first priority!